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(this is a picture of some gowns my friend, TeriLe made to donate as a volunteer seamstress.  Instagram: @MyCountryDreams)

So I have thought quite a bit about this fun little idea we have with this blog and I wanted to couple it with something meaningful. So not only do I want to make people smile, but I want to help those who could use it.

Things have been falling into place as I did this. On a small scale here locally, I have decided that I want to accept donated wedding dresses and in conjunction with a local humanitarian center, give these wedding dresses a second chance. A chance to bring comfort to those who are dealing with the hardest trial they never wished upon themselves. The trial I speak of is “infant loss”. If you have ever lost a child, you will know of the unspeakable grief that accompanies such a void. But, as a survivor of this type of loss, I can tell you what a difference OTHERS can make in that time of sadness.

8 years ago in June. My daughter Hannah passed away after only 23 minutes in the arms of my husband. The outpouring of love and service I received was tremendous. First, the prayers offered on our behalf, I felt each and every one and I know that part of why we made it through to have joy again, was due to these prayers. Secondly, the staff of the bereavement program at the hospital were incredible. Many community members who had experienced such loss had donated so many thoughtful items for these precious infants. Small bracelets, tiny blankets, gowns for burial, photoshoots, stuffed animals for my boys, molds of her hands and feet, etc.

I didn’t know that I *needed* any of these things, but they were such a comfort at a time of sorrow and confusion.

I have wanted a way to donate something meaningful back to our local area hospitals for their grieving families, but it wasn’t until recently that I was able to get in contact with a local humanitarian center. And in talking to them, we can make this happen! On a small scale, with a learning curve at first, but it’s a start!

I am hoping that once I can master it on a small scale that I can expand the efforts. I promise that I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but I’m hoping that in time my vision will become more clear.  I hope to be able to do more good in this world!

These donated dresses may even become part of baby blankets for the grieving parents as well.  A large receiving blanket when you have small baby can sometimes make the pain even more evident when you see the size difference, so I want to make use of these the best way that I can!  So be patient with me, and hopefully you’ll have some updates in time!

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  1. A friend recycled my first wedding dress into a blessing gown for my daughter from my second/current marriage. I wish I had another dress so I could donate it to this cause!

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